Workforce Development Advocacy

SB 779 – California Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act, which supports earn and learn programs.

One Fair Wage is a national movement to end all subminimum wages and increase the sustainability of wages and working conditions in the service sector.

High Road Kitchen Program, working in partnership with One Fair Wage, in which restaurant owners commit to “high road” principles including higher wages and benefits, and additional commitments related to race, ethnicity, and gender equality. 

AB 257 – Fast Food Accountability and Standards Recovery Act empowers fast-food workers with new wage and workplace protections to support their health, safety, and welfare.

AB628 – The initiative aims to ensure that individuals from target populations receive the necessary supplemental, supportive, remedial, & wraparound services they need to successfully enter, participate in, & complete workforce & education programs & enter, be retained, and advance in the labor market.


San Diego Workforce Partnership aids job seekers to increase their economic mobility, supporting businesses, and prepares young adults for the world of work through a variety of services, custom programs, and initiatives.

REDF invests in businesses that support people facing barriers to employment, unlocking their potential for stability, economic mobility and success.

Housing Opportunity Advocacy

AB 2011 – The Affordable Housing and High Road Jobs Act, creates a new streamlined approval process to initiate affordable multifamily housing developments on sites currently zoned and designated for commercial or retail uses. AB 2011 projects must pay prevailing wages to construction workers and comply with other current labor standards.


The San Diego Housing Commission (SDHC) works to promote stability for vulnerable populations in San Diego by providing access to quality, affordable housing, opportunities for financial independence, and solutions to homelessness.

The San Diego Housing Federation works towards providing affordable housing for low-income individuals by strengthening the knowledge, capabilities and impact of the affordable housing development community.

Food Waste Reduction Advocacy

SB1383 – California’s Short-Lived Climate Pollutant Reduction Strategy works to address California’s climate change crisis by increasing organic waste recycling and surplus food recovery.


A comprehensive set of resources to help you better understand the issues around food waste, provide ways that it can be reduced, and how this contributes to building a resilient local food system.

Since 2015, this San Diego Food System Alliance program has provided education and resources to residents and business owners about how they can reduce food waste.